YURIIVSKA TC – a centuries-old history, entrepreneurial activity and national ornithological reserve

Yuriivska TC is located in the north-east of the Dnipropetrovsk region, at a distance of 100 km away from the city of Dnipro. These lands are well known for their fertility, and their history dates back to the XVIII century. The first settlements on the territory of the modern community began to appear after the conquest of the Turkish fortress of Azov in 1739. At the beginning, these settlements were a temporary refuge for the Cossacks who left the destroyed Zaporozhian Sich, but over time the villages expanded, although they still did not have a permanent name. Only in 1777 Catherine II transferred the land to the court councillor Yuri Gavrilovich Gersevanov, who gave the name to the first and main settlement of the future community – Yuriivka.

Since that time, the settlements have changed their borders, significantly expanded and now the territorial community covers more than 30% of the territory of the entire Pavlohrad district. You can get here by car from the city of Dnipro in a little more than 1 hour.

In addition to its rich history, Yuriivska TC is developing economically. The dominant industry is agriculture, which employs more than 100 enterprises, as well as 418 individual farming households engaged in the cultivation and processing of products on a total area of ​​about 25,000 hectares. In general, about 20% of the working population of the community works in this industry, and Vocational-technical School №81 has been training qualified personnel for almost 40 years.

One of the main drivers of agricultural development on the territory of Yuriivska TC are elevators, which create jobs for almost 10% of the working population and satisfy the needs of local enterprises for storage services for agricultural products. Together, the elevators are capable of simultaneously storing 83 thousand tons of grain.

«GTA» LLC is a subsidiary of «Grain Power» LLC and is equipped with its own grain laboratory, certified according to the HACCP system and is capable of receiving up to 2.5 thousand tons of products on two independent lines.

«Varvarivskyi» elevator is located near the railway station of the same name. This allows for rail shipment of 11 wagons per day. This enterprise is owned by «G.R. Agro», which is one of the largest logistics and agricultural companies in Ukraine.

Yuriivska community can be safely called a favorable environment for starting a new business. One of the successful cases is «Nova Oliya» LLC. This is a plant for the production of sunflower oil, which is sold under the «Saltan» trademark and meets all the requirements of the State Standard. The company also produces organic feed additives and fuel pellets. In 2018, a year after its foundation, «Nova Oliya» LLC received the «Buyer’s choice» distinction due to the high quality of products and brand confidence.

Yuriivska TC invites guests of the community who would like to take a break from the intense rhythm of city life to visit the «Voloshanska Dacha», national ornithological reserve with an area of ​​643 hectares. Founded in 1974 and located almost in the center of the Dnipropetrovsk region, to the southeast of the Preobrazhenka village, the reserve is a ravine type forest. There are 100-year-old oaks and small areas of steppe vegetation. This is not just a haven of virgin nature not far from a big city, but also a unique nesting place for rare species of birds. Tawny owl is a bird of prey that hunts mainly in deciduous and mixed forests. Little owl – got its name due to the fact that it is often found in abandoned buildings near settlements. Long-legged buzzard – the largest bird of prey among buzzards. It is listed in the Red Book of Ukraine, and also included in the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES), Bonn and Berne Conventions. In addition to the aforementioned birds, there are also long-eared owls, black kites, as well other species.

Locals and public authorities care about the cleanliness of the reserve and note that there is no better place to relax in the middle of the wilderness.

The community sees its further development in the following priorities:

  • increase in the volume of agricultural production and a decrease in its cost;

  • support and development of business entities;

  • increasing investment attractiveness;

  • improving the efficiency of energy management, supporting the environment;

  • infrastructure development;

  • improving the living standards of the population, supporting their employment and activity.

Yuriivska community can offer investors and interested parties 4 land plots with a total area of ​​15.3 hectares for the implementation of business initiatives.

All the details about this region and its features are available in the Investment profile of TC.

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