Building investment potential and encouraging businesses to choose the Zhovtovodska community as a place to focus their investments is based on well-coordinated cooperation between local authorities and entrepreneurs.

The Zhovtovodska community is monofunctional, its specialization is determined by the mining industry, which is represented by the city-forming enterprise SE “Eastern Mining and Processing Plant”. The rest of the community’s economy is diversified and consists of small and medium enterprises in the fields of machine-building, metallurgy, food, light industry, as well as in the field of services.

This definition describes investment proposals and reflects their essence in qualitatively selected business ideas in these areas, namely, are offered:

In the territory of the community operates Engineering Company “KRIPTO” “, engaged in scientific, technical and manufacturing activities. The company is looking for an investor-partner to increase and expand its production capacity, as well as the possible creation of a techno-cluster.

Part of the territory, about 40 ha, was previously used for industrial purposes as an ash storage facility (≈ 40 ha).

  • 3 land plots with a total area of ≈ 38 ha for industrial enterprises
  • 2 hectares in a residential area for housing;
  • as well as 4 real estate objects with an area of more than 7 thousand m², which can be used as office premises and business accommodation to provide various types of services;

Currently, 3,150 business entities (869 legal entities, 2,281 individual entrepreneurs) successfully operate in the community, including 5 enterprises with foreign investments.:

  • “MEDIAHUB” LLC – computer programming (Sweden);
  • “FEG VESTAL UKRAINE” LLC – wholesale of hardware, plumbing and heating equipment and accessories (Hungary);
  • “UNITED TOBACCO” LLC – production of tobacco products (Great Britain);
  • “TECHNOLOGICAL SYSTEMS AND MACHINES” – Mechanical processing of metal products (Hungary);
  • “KHIMPROMKLINING” LLC – general cleaning of buildings (Estonia).

Among the exceptional advantages of the Zhovtovodska community, it is worth noting the presence of:

  • minerals (iron ore, rare earth metals, etc.);
  • large areas of production facilities with connected communication networks;
  • possibilities of connection to gas-water-electricity supply;
  • areas for housing and industrial production;
  • labour force to meet the needs of employers (two institutions before higher education and one vocational school as a source of personnel);
  • transport logistics (railway sorting station ” Zhovti Vody 2″, used for freight and road of regional importance P74, passing through the territory of Dnіpropetrovsk and Kirovohrad regions);
  • proximity to industrial centers (70 km to Kryvyi Rih, 136 km to Dnipro);
  • border with the neighboring Kirovohrad region.

Working in tandem of government and business, Zhovtovodska city territorial community is open to serious projects in various areas of business and cooperation, both with domestic and foreign entrepreneurs.

You can view the geographical location and get a brief description of the Zhovtovodska community’s investment objects on the Interactive map of the region.