Dnipropetrovsk region is the leader among Ukrainian regions in foreign direct investment

The volume of direct investments attracted since the beginning of investing in the region’s economy as of 01.10.2019 is $3765,2 mln (10.8% of the volume of Ukraine) and is the leader among the regions of Ukraine for 10 years.

Investments in the region’s economy came from 59 countries. The EU has invested 88.1% of its investments or $3316 mln.

TOP-5 investor countries:

  • Cyprus$1 507.3 mln which amounted to 40% of the region’s foreign direct investments. Investment areas: mining and processing industry, real estate operations, wholesale and retail trade, administrative and support services;
  • The Netherlands$839.4 mln, which was 22.3%. Investment areas: extractive industry, transport, real estate operations;
  • Germany$579.4 mln, which amounted to 16.2%. Investment areas: processing industry, wholesale and retail trade, transport, real estate operations;
  • Virgin Islands (Britain) – $198.7 mln, or 5.3%. Investment areas: mining, processing industry, wholesale, and retail trade, real estate operations, professional, scientific and technical activities;
  • Austria – $ 106.1mln, or 2.8%. Investment areas: processing industry, real estate operations, wholesale and retail trade.

$2374.6 mln of direct investment (63.1%) was directed into industry, of which $1 357.2 mln was spent on manufacturing and $942.2 mln on mining.

The second place in the volume of investments is occupied by services $1337.1 mln and amounted to 35.5%. The largest volume of investments is directed to wholesale and retail trade of $ 559.7mln, accounting for 42% of the total volume of services, real estate operations of $ 453.3 mln (34%) and administrative and auxiliary services of $ 148.4 mln (11%).

Investments in the agricultural sector and construction are at the same level, amounted to $23.1 (0.6%) and $30.4 (0.8%), respectively.

By 2019, foreign investors have invested $34.6 mln in Dnipropetrovsk region’s economy, 97.7% of which was invested from EU countries. Direct investments from the region in the economy of the countries amounted to $14.2 mln.