Dnipropetrovsk region will be a pilot region in the state, where the “green” economy modernization is being implemented

Dnipropetrovsk region became the first among Ukrainian regions, where the “green” modernization of the economy is being implemented. Today, a memorandum of cooperation was signed between Dnipropetrovsk regional council, representatives of the Programme to Support the Green Modernization of the Ukrainian Economy implemented by GIZ, Dnipropetrovsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Regional Employers’ Federation and environmental NGOs.

Now we hold a contest for the selection of companies that can participate in the project and will soon be working on the new environmental standards. The German side is ready to share their experience and expertise in these matters.

“Business environment places the utmost importance on “green” economy. The governments of advanced countries, financial foundations, businesses and consumers for a long time bring it into operation in their work and life. Our priority is to bring the European environmental standards in every house, to every citizen. The German example is the best model for us. After reaching the standards of “green” economy we receive the careful attitude to the environment, which is very important for our industry in the region. And our business through the introduction of environmental standards in the work will be more competitive and attractive for investors “, – Gleb Prigunov, the Chairman of the Regional Council said.

According to Dagmar Ecer, Director of the Programme to Support Green Modernization of the Ukrainian Economy, regional authorities are well aware of the necessity of implementation of environmental projects, so the German government supports the initiative of the Regional Council to move towards sustainability and energy efficiency.

“We support your efforts to become EU members, so we are ready to lend our friendly shoulder. We have good experience in the field of “green” economy and are ready to share it. The German government chose namely Dnipropetrovsk region for developing a pilot project because your region actively takes the initiative in matters of energy efficiency, improve environmental and economic conditions. In many issues you are a role model for other regions”, – she noted.

For information: “Green” economy modernization involves the implementation of energy-saving and environmental technologies at the enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk region and the development of business in the region, which will develop energy-saving and energy-efficient products and services.