The government approved agrarian support programs for 2018

On February 7, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved programs to support the agrarian sector in key areas within the State Budget for 2018. The total amount of support will amount to UAH 6.3 billion versus UAH 5.5 billion in the previous year.

The main efforts are concentrated on industries that can provide long-term economic effect.

In particular, it is stipulated:

  • compensation of 25% of the cost of acquiring new agricultural machinery and equipment of Ukrainian production;
  • compensation of the part of the body of the loan attracted for the construction of livestock complexes, forms an effective rate of 3%, reimbursement of the cost of livestock complexes built on the investor’s money, and a reduction in the cost of loans to projects for aquaculture, sheep, goat breeding, etc.;
  • cheaper content of dairy cattle at agroenterprises at the rate of UAH 1500 head per year;
  • reduction in the content of young animals (up to 1 year), contained in households at a rate of UAH 2.5 thousand head per year;
  • 80% cheaper cost of planting stock in horticulture and berries;
  • small and medium-sized farms are provided with compensation for 100% of the cost of purchased Ukrainian seeds, 90% of the cost of advisory services. Also this category of agricultural producers will get access to cheap credit resources, and also enjoys additional preferences when buying Ukrainian agricultural machinery – they are compensated by 40% of its cost;
  • within the framework of support and development of agricultural serving cooperatives, the state will co-finance projects implemented by the ASC in livestock, horticulture, construction of vegetable and fruit stores, taking 70% of the cost of purchasing new equipment for them.

More detailed information on the website of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine