The successful running of training program for certified energy managers

On January, 28, 2016 in the framework of GIZ Project “Energy Efficiency in Municipalities” together with the non-governmental organization “School of energy efficiency” there has been carried out the training program for certified energy managers.

It was the first class of certified energymanagement specialists for 14 cities of Ukraine for six regions of Ukraine!

The program organizers, NGO “School of energy” and project of the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ “Energy efficiency in the community”, together with the Institute for Energy Saving and Energy Management NTUU “KPI” developed a 5-day energy management training courses. The course combined knowledge and experience of university teachers and leading expert practitioners from the Academy of public-private partnership, the Kyiv Centre of energy efficiency and Association of energy auditors.

An important part of the training was to get acquainted with the experience of implementation of energy efficiency projects in municipal and residential buildings in Kyiv. Participants visited the apartment buildings, where one of the first installed of individual heat points, and further, through the creation of condominiums gradually implemented a number of other energy efficiency measures. The next points of excursion were secondary school and kindergarten, modernized with the latest energy efficient technologies.

Communication and discussion with experts during these excursions allow training participants to get information not only about the positive effects of the implemented measures, but also the difficulties and problems which, unfortunately, had to face.

Practical classes in Kiev center of energy efficiency have a wonderful opportunity to get skills to conduct thermographic surveys of buildings, acquainted with energy efficient materials and examples of existing energy efficient equipment, as well as the practical aspects of the energy audit, the principles of selection of investment projects.

Thus, all five days of training were filled with new important information, interesting excursions and useful discussions. During the training participants have mastered not only the technical, but also legislative, financial, economic and organizational aspects of implementation of energy efficiency projects. They also received important advice from experts on attracting government funding programs to support energy efficiency in their cities and cooperation with international financial institutions and technical assistance projects.

The logical end of training was the successfully passed exam and after considering the results of exam all participants of training received the stated-recognized “Certificate of energy manager”.


SEE functions under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, National Ecological and Naturalistic Youth Centre of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and non-governmental organization ‘School of Energy Efficiency’ throughout Ukraine. Training and education are organized in the premises of regional centers.

The key objective of setting up SEE and making it operational is to train and consult employees of educational institutions as well as the general public, representatives of industries, public bodies and organizations, schoolchildren and students on energy saving and energy efficiency aspects, to carry out scientific and practical activities aiming at increasing energy efficiency of educational institutions and developing an energy consumption and energy saving culture among various population groups.

SEE carries out educational, scientific, methodological, consulting and practical activities in the fields of energy saving, energy efficiency and rational use of natural resources.