Perspectives of the world pork market for Ukrainian producers

Centre for improvement animal breeding has analyzed global trends in the pork market, according to which the investment attractiveness of this segment of the agrarian market, since 2019, can rise above poultry farming, due to new precise technologies and the solution of the problem of African swine fever (ASF)

The Agricultural Analysis Department of Rabobank of the Netherlands provided data on possible global losses in pork production due to ASF. They predict that by the end of 2019, China will lose 25 to 35% of its current domestic production, and Vietnam – more than 10%. In general, the global pork deficit will increase by 10 million tons, which is 5 to 7% of world pork production.

As a result, world prices for pork carcases grow in the EU + 22%, in Brazil + 48%, in the USA + 17%, in Canada + 40% over the year. Under such dynamics, pork prices may double by the end of 2019. This is a great opportunity increase domestic production and restart export of Ukrainian pork.

According to the Association ” Svynari Ukrainy , the cost of wet weight in Ukraine is 1.3 €/kg, while export is  almost absent (1.76 thousand tons in 2018).

In Ukraine there is an opportunity to achieve one of the lowest cost price of pigs farming  in the world – 0.8 €/kg of live weight on dry feed and 0.5 €/kg of live weight on liquid feeding system, using modern systems of precise pig breeding.