An order was issued to ensure the sowing campaign

As Roman Leshchenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, said, a number of orders have been issued to ensure the 2022 sowing campaign.

1. State Enterprise “State Center for Certification and Expertise of Agricultural Products” organizes the process of uninterrupted sale of seeds and planting material necessary for sowing. During military law, this process will take place without additional certification procedures. For imported seeds, a certificate of the producing country is sufficient.

2. When importing seeds into the territory of Ukraine, the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection must recognize foreign certification for seeds.

In addition, the service will check the phytosanitary condition of the seeds, but may not apply a phytosanitary expertise.

These measures will allow us to provide all agricultural producers with seeds in the required quantity by simplifying the bureaucratic procedure. At the same time, the imported seeds that the farmers use will be of high quality and, when planted, will give a good harvest, which we expect.

3. To ensure the sowing campaign, the Government introduces the reservation of persons liable for military duty (this also applies to other critical sectors of the economy). Agricultural enterprises and food producers will submit lists of essential workers who will be granted a deferment from military duty for the period of mobilization and military law.