Capital investments of Metinvest Group amounted to $1.055 bln

Capital investments of Metinvest Group in 2019 increased to $1.055 bln and became record-breaking in the history of the company.

According to operating results, Metinvest increased its steel production by 3% in 2019. The share of steel products in the total production volume reached 86%, having increased by 5 percentage points compared to the previous year. Total iron ore concentrate production increased by 6% as compared to 2018, and coking coal production increased by 10%.

Metinvest Group continues to invest in the future of the business and implement the Technological Strategy 2030. In 2019, the company fulfilled its investment program for the year, completing several major projects with an immediate positive impact on output volumes, product portfolio, production costs and the environment.

Amid the uncertain outlook for 2020, the company intends to prioritize the completion of ongoing projects, environmental investments and crucial maintenance, while continuing design development of projects.

Environmental CAPEX this year hit a record high, exceeding $155 mln.