Even more companies will be able to join Diia.City!

The Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine has expanded the qualified activities of Diia.City so that even more companies can enjoy the favorable conditions of the unique space. The resolution has already been approved by the Government.

Now Diya.City residents can become companies engaged in:

  • development, implementation and support of solutions of international card payment systems.
  • production of technological products for use in defense, industrial and domestic spheres.
  • Hosting companies, including cloud data centers.

So far, 183 companies have become residents of Diia.City. All of them can already enjoy some of the best tax and legal conditions in Europe.

You can learn more and apply at the link https://city.diia.gov.ua/en/

We remind you that the conditions for joining Diia.City are simplified during martial law.

Source: Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine