Foreign trade in services of Dnipropetrovsk region in 2019


Exports in the services sector from Dnipropetrovsk region to the countries of the world in 2019 amounted to $143.3 mln (0.9% of Ukraine’s export volume) and increased by 4.3% compared to the last year.

IT sector is leading in services exports ($62.2 mln) with a share of 43.4% and positive dynamics of 31.3%. Export of transport services with a share of 25.5% decreased by 24% compared to the last year and amounted to $36.5 mln. Business services is occupied the third place – $16.9 mln (11.8%), which increased by 20%.

Exports of maritime transport services grew the most dynamically, 4.5 times ($1.2 mln), which indicates the active development of the river-sea water transport. Royalty and other intellectual property services increased by 3.5 times and amounted to $0.9 mln.

USA is the leader among customers of Ukrainian services ̶ ($30.6 mln), exports increased by 27.3% compared to the last year.

Russia is on the second place in terms of services exports – $13.6 million, trade with which decreased by 2 times compared to the last year. Estonia is in the third place – $11.9 mln and 17.5-fold increase.


Service imports to Dnipropetrovsk region from around the world amounted to $244.4 mln (3.7% of Ukraine’s imports) and increased by 5.5% compared to 2018.

The largest volume of services imports (35%) account for the largest share of franchise purchases and other intellectual property services. Imports of these services remained almost at the level of the previous year and amounted to $85.7 mln. Business services are in the second place in the structure of imports – $61.5 mln (25.2%). It should be noted that the import of these services increased by 14.2%. Imports of transport services decreased by 3.6% compared to the last year and amounted to $43.3 mln (17.7%).

US services were the most imported – $351 mln, an increase of 4.5 times. The import of services from Cyprus ranked the second place – $25.9 mln, with an increase of 19%. Imports from Germany increased by 27% and amounted to $21.9 mln.

Foreign trade operations in the service sector of Dnipropetrovsk region enterprises were carried out with partners from 133 countries.