Foreign trade of goods and services of Dnipropetrovsk region in 2021

According to the results of 2021, the foreign trade turnover of goods and services of the regional enterprises amounted to $18.6 billion (11.5% out of the total volume of Ukraine), which is an increase of 49% compared to 2020.

More than 15% of Ukraine’s exports are provided by Dnipropetrovsk region, which exports amounted to $12.4 bln.

The largest share of exports is provided by industry – 89.5%. The region exported almost 28% of Ukraine’s industrial output worth $11107.8 mln. The largest share of industrial exports in 44.4% was made of ferrous metals and products from them – $5557.3 mln, export growth was 60%. In addition, 38.7% of exports of industrial products are ores and slag – $4790.1 mln. It should be noted that the share of ore and slag exports in Ukraine was 57.1%.

Products of the agro-industrial sector and food industry with a share of 8.1% were exported in the amount of $1002.7 mln.

Exports of the services sector amounted to $243.7 mln (1.6% out of the total volume). At the same time, construction products (0.4%) were exported in the amount of $53.9 mln.

Significantly increased exports of such products and services as:

  • grain crops increased 3.2 times ($144.9 mln);
  • skins and leather products increased 2.2 times ($7.9 mln);
  • shoes and hats increased 3.8 times ($325.1 thousand);
  • zinc and its products increased 27 times ($ 57.7 thousand);
  • land vehicles increased 2.1 times ($ 11.6 mln);
  • scientific and technical services increased 3 times ($ 19.2 million);
  • construction services increased 2.3 times ($ 3.3 million).

China became the leader among consumers of Ukrainian goods. Exports to this country increased by almost 25.6% compared to 2020 and amounted to $2751 mln. This is 22.6% of total exports from the region.

Poland took the second place among the world consumers of the region’s products. Exports to the country increased by 66.5% compared to last year. Exports amounted to $ 885.3 mln.

In third place among the world’s consumers of products in the region – is Turkey, which exports increased by 92% to $625.9 mln.

Exports of goods to Brazil, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Ghana, Guatemala, Greece, Estonia, Canada, Malaysia, Finland and other countries have increased significantly.

Imports of goods from the world in 2021 amounted to $6.2 bln (7.7% out of Ukraine’s imports) and increased by 26.7% compared to the previous period. The largest share (84.7%) in imports of goods and services is the industrial sector – $5042.9 mln.

Products of the agro-industrial sector and food industry with a share of 11.9% were imported in the amount of $706.6 mln.

Imports of the services sector amounted to $291.5 mln (4.7% out of the total volume).

At that time, construction products (2%) were imported in the amount of $120.2 mln.

Compared to 2020, imports increased significantly, in particular:

  • fertilizers increased 2.3 times ($ 37.7 mln);
  • natural and artificial fur increased 4 times ($ 8 thousand);
  • copper and products of it increased 3.7 times ($ 6.3 mln);
  • trade-related services increased twice ($ 0.9 mln);
  • other business services increased twice ($ 1.8 miln).

Among the foreign countries, of which the Dnipropetrovsk region bought the most products, China is leading with positive dynamics (an increase of 22.9%) with $1,153.2 mln. The second place was taken by the RF, from which the import of goods increased by 51.6% and amounted to $1150.4 mln. In third place is Germany, imports amounted to $402.8 mln and increased by 27.5% compared to 2020. Imports from Ethiopia, Qatar, Cameroon, Kenya, Peru, Lebanon and Australia more than doubled.

Foreign trade operations were conducted with partners from 170 countries.