Foundation “Come back alive” is together with the Ukrainian military

Ukrainian Charitable Foundation “Come Back Alive” helps to equip and train the Armed Forces of Ukraine, tells of the war first-hand and restrains the flow of propaganda and disinformation. In its seventh year, the foundation provides the Ukrainian army with the most important thing with the most important thing – a tactical advantage.More than 7,000 people support this fund every month in the amount of more than 170 thousand dollars.

Recently, it entered the global top of the Patreon service.

At the same time, the fund collects donations for the needs of the Ukrainian army on the website: over 8 years of work since 2014, more than 210 million UAH have already been collected.

This year, a record was set for donations – over 20.5 million UAH were sent in one day, which is more than in the whole of 2021.

The Foundation “Come Back Alive” works to ensure that the Army is effective. Our weapons are specialists, experience and benefactors. And our greatest strength is the people who believe in the Ukrainian army and are ready to hold on as long as it takes,” the foundation notes.

Also, a week ago, the resource RF200 began its work, helping citizens of the Russian Federation to find soldiers who were captured on the territory of Ukraine.

The site publishes photos, video appeals, as well as documents of the dead and prisoners.