Islamic Republic of Pakistan – friendly relations with Ukraine

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan maintains neutrality and avoids openly condemning Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, amid claims to a peaceful resolution of the conflict and respect for international law. But despite this, Pakistan values its friendly relations with Ukraine, which are most realized in the military-technical cooperation and the agricultural sector. Ukraine has repeatedly been a guarantor of Pakistan’s food security, so supporting our state as a reliable partner meets the national interests of the Islamic Republic. This predetermines the statements of Pakistani leaders in support of the AFU and Ukrainian people in general in a fair fight against the aggressor.

Ukraine and Pakistan have close military-industrial ties. In the period since 1991 to 2020, Ukraine signed arms supply contracts with Pakistan totaling almost $1.6 billion. In addition, last year, Pakistan and Ukraine agreed to optimize military ties, in particular in the field of defense production, personnel training, counterterrorism activities. and intelligence.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Pakistan Army, General Qamar Javed Bajwa, for the first time officially condemned the actions of the Russian Federation at the Islamabad Security Forum on April 1, 2022, where he openly declared the inadmissibility of an attack by a larger, nuclear country on a smaller, non-nuclear one.

Pakistan intends to join the supply of weapons to Ukraine and has sent 159 containers of ammunition to Ukraine for the Armed Forces, including 155mm rounds, M4A2 rocket charges, M82 fuzes and PDM detonators.

In addition to military aid, the country provides humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The government of the Islamic Republic has sent two shipments of humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine. In turn, the Embassy of Pakistan in Kiev, in cooperation with the Shahrazad Foundation, handed over medicines (emergency medicines, electronic medical equipment) worth $15.3 million, as well as warm beds, tents and foodstuffs. In total, 80 tons of humanitarian aid was provided.

Pakistan is an important trade partner of Dnipropetrovsk region. The growing level of partnership relations is evidenced by bilateral analysis of foreign activities. The volume of export of goods from Dnipropetrovsk region increased 5,3 times and amounted to $10 million, which is 1,5% of the volume of Ukraine. Enterprises of Pakistan most buy products of agro-industrial complex, ferrous metals products, etc.

11 enterprises of Dnipropetrovsk region exported their products to the market of Pakistan, these are enterprises of agricultural and mining and metallurgical complex.

According to the volume of exported products TOP-5 enterprises of exporters are the following:

50 importers of the region more bought the following goods: cereals, edible fruits and nuts, synthetic or artificial staple fibers, ferrous metals, etc. Imports of goods from Pakistan to Dnipropetrovsk region increased by 1.4% and amounted to $8.54 million. The region’s share in imports of goods from Pakistan exceeds 9%.

The following importers are in TOP-5 by the volume of imported products:

Import operations were mainly carried out by enterprises of the agro-industrial complex, processing industry, mining and metallurgical complex and trading companies.

Source: Information for this article was taken from open online sources and the website of the Main Department of Statistics in Dnipropetrovsk region.