Kherson region and city of Melitopol are today and always will be Ukraine: local councils have approved the relevant appeals

Deputies of the Kherson Regional Council and the Melitopol City Council approved urgent appeals, emphasizing that these territories are part of a sovereign and unitary Ukraine. And any attempts to hold pseudo-referendums to create so-called “people’s republics” or to form occupation administrations are not supported by either the residents or the legitimately elected local authorities.

The Kherson Regional Council of the VIII convocation also appealed to the President of Ukraine and the entire Ukrainian people regarding a sham “referendum” for the establishment of the so-called “people’s republic” in the Kherson region.

Deputies stressed: Kherson region was, is and will be an integral part of a single state – Ukraine. No other scenarios are supported by either the residents of the region, or representatives of the deputies of the regional council, or legally elected by the people of local government.

“Deputies of the Kherson Regional Council of the VIII convocation never recognize attempts to create a “people’s republic” in the Kherson region and capture part of Ukraine. We have the only answer to the occupiers: “Russian warship f*ck yourself”. Kherson region is unconquered and resists the invader. Our hearts beat in time with the whole of Ukraine, which is defending itself from the occupiers. Kherson is Ukraine! We are Ukraine,” – said Yuriy Sobolevskyi, First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council and Head of the Kherson Regional Organization of the Servant of the People Party.





In turn, deputies of the Melitopol City Council at an extraordinary session adopted an appeal to the President, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Irina Venediktova and NATO member countries.

In their appeal, they called for the release of Mayor Ivan Fedorov; close the sky over Melitopol; to launch an investigation into treason over attempts to establish an occupation administration in Melitopol by representatives of the Opposition Bloc party.




Source: Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine