Marganets Mining reduced concentrate production by 41% y/y in 2022

Due to the war, almost all production plans of the plant were adjusted due to the fact that many workers were mobilized

Marganets Mining and Processing Plant (Marganets GOK) in 2022 reduced the production of manganese concentrate by 41.2% compared to 2021 – to 324 thousand tons.

“Marganets GOK, like the second mining and processing enterprises of Ukraine, has been going through hard times for more than 10 months. Due to the outbreak of a full-scale war, many enterprises were unable to operate at full capacity, and some stopped their activities,” the report says.

Since March, a difficult situation has developed at the Marganets GOK. Almost all production plans were adjusted due to the fact that many workers of the plant, especially longwall miners, were mobilized into the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“However, having stabilized its work, having developed the necessary production plans and actions for their implementation, Marganets GOK continued its mining activities, and it completed 2022 quite successfully,” the company adds.

The main indicator of successful activity is the work of the Grushevska Benefication Plant (GBP), which produces manganese concentrate. However, due to the active conduct of hostilities and a number of other reasons, since October 2022, the GBP has accepted raw ore mined by mines and a quarry only for storage.

Thus, all mines and the Grushevska quarry fulfilled all their annual plans for the extraction of raw manganese ore with an indicator of 894.5 thousand tons. The adjusted plan was 863 thousand tons.

Marganets GOK is the only mining and processing plant in Ukraine and the CIS that mines manganese underground. In the developed eastern part of the Nikopol manganese ore deposit (in the Grushevsko-Basansky area), the plant receives up to 80% of its production. The plant consists of five mines, two open pits (Basanskyi and Grushevskyi), a processing plant and a chemical equipment research industrial complex. 100% of GOK’s shares are owned by individual shareholders, four of them have a share of more than 5%.