Ministry of Justice launches project “TELL THE TRUTH” to gather evidence of human rights violations by the occupiers and punish Russia in court

The Ministry of Justice of Ukraine has launched the “Tell the Truth” project. It is a platform for the effective collection and processing of information on human rights violations by the Russian Federation. Reports of such violations are accepted on the Unified National Portal for the Collection of Facts of Human Rights Violations of the Russian Federation in Ukraine 24/7.

“Our campaign “Tell the Truth” has one goal – to bring Russia to justice at the European Court of Human Rights. To do this, we need evidence, namely videos, photos and records of violations committed by invaders on our land. It is our duty to punish the aggressor on the court while the Armed Forces protect us on the front line, “said Deputy Minister of Justice of Ukraine Valeria Kolomiets.

On the portal, everyone who has suffered from the actions of the occupiers can apply and tell their own truth, which will be heard by the whole world. The platform operates in accordance with international standards, so victims and witnesses are guaranteed the protection and preservation of personal information. No evidence will go unnoticed!

In order to apply – you must:

  1. go to the website;
  2. fill in a simple form with information about the crime, witnesses and victims;
  3. add media evidence and tell as much as possible about what happened.

As of May 25, 2022, 554 incidents were recorded on the Portal, of which:

  • 290 came from citizens;
  • 264 – from public bodies and private organizations.

About 80 incidents have been rejected so far: test incidents, as well as incidents without providing information on human rights violations, irrelevant reports.

The largest number of reported incidents related to the following categories of human rights violations:

  • destruction of property (124);
  • damage to property (115);
  • explosion (40);
  • shooting (25);
  • murders (40);
  • confiscation of property (90);
  • bodily injuries (24);
  • hostage-taking (19);
  • abduction and unlawful deprivation of liberty (9).

The submitted incidents are currently being studied for the possibility of using the information to prepare an intergovernmental statement of Ukraine against Russia in the European Court of Human Rights.