Service detecting hidden ties with Russia has been created

Now the world’s companies stop cooperating with the aggressor country and its accomplice. And those who continue to cooperate with Russian and Belarusian businesses may fall under sanctions.

Ukrainian IT company YouControl has launched an international tool to help verify which global companies have hidden ties to Russian and Belarusian assets, individuals or businesses

The service contains:

  • a comprehensive list of Russian and Belarusian political figures from more than 100 sources;
  • data on official public registers of owners and beneficiaries of CIS and European businesses;
  • information about legal and natural persons on more than 50 international sanctions lists;
  • criminal registries, list of Russian security officials with ties to military terrorists and propagandists;
  • updated daily in accordance with changes in the registries and lists.

The service is free of charge for journalists, authorized representatives of state authorities of Ukraine and law enforcement agencies.

The sooner the international community refuses to cooperate with such businesses and people, the sooner the companies financing the war against Ukraine will go bankrupt.