The agro-industrial complex of Dnipropetrovsk region is the foundation for development

Despite the horrors of the war, the bravery of Dnipropetrovsk farmers knows no bounds: agribusiness establishes logistics and cooperation with foreign partners, supports the operation of its factories, and tries to take into account the demand of both domestic and foreign markets.

Further work of the Ukrainian agricultural sector, which survived the war, provides a basis for development. DIA accompanies 6 investment projects from the communities and businesses of the region, included in the Investment guide 2022/2023, as a proposal for potential investors:

  • construction of a complex for storage, sorting, packing of fruits and vegetables;
  • creation of production of flour and grain products;
  • establishment of a honey processing plant;
  • launch of production of dry snail mucus;
  • two projects for the creation of milk processing plants.

Each project is unique and has appropriate goals, technical parameters and calculated economic indicators. For example, the project for the construction of a complex designed for high-quality storage of fruits and vegetables with further sorting and packaging is planned on the production territory of the farm, which is located next to a modern garden. The implementation of the investment project will allow not only to obtain added value, but also to strengthen the presence in the trade networks of Ukraine, enter the EU markets and take a long-term leading position in the segment of high-quality domestic products. And this, accordingly, will ensure an increase in the profitability of production, the creation of more than 150 jobs, and will increase the income of budgets at all levels.

As you can see, the agricultural sector of Dnipropetrovsk region works for the well-being of the region, food security of Ukraine and the world. Each agricultural producer, doing his job, creates the basis for a more favorable investment climate and the growth of business activity.

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