The government has simplified access of agricultural producers to fuel, pesticides and agrochemicals

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has already issued a number of decisions that facilitate the access of agricultural producers to fuel, pesticides and agrochemicals under martial law.

Regarding fuel.

“The introduction of gasoline and diesel fuel of ecological classes Euro 3 and Euro 4 is allowed. Customs procedures for the delivery of petroleum products have been simplified. Due to this we will attract additional resources of fuel for the needs of agricultural producers” – said Roman Leshchenko, Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine.

In addition, today the President of Ukraine will sign the Law on the abolition of excise duty on fuel and reduction of VAT rate from 20% to 7% (¹ 7137-d).

As for pesticides and agrochemicals.

According to Roman Leshchenko, the government has simplified the conditions for their transportation by road. The term of validity of permits for work related to transportation, storage, use and trade in pesticides and agrochemicals has been extended as well. This rule applies to the period of martial law in Ukraine and within 90 days after its termination or cancellation.

“The process of licensing is simplified exclusively – all safety issues of transportation and quality of pesticides and fertilizers will be observed at the proper level”, – stressed the Minister.

He also assured that the Government is doing its utmost to provide farmers with all the necessary things for the start of the sowing campaign-2022.

Thus, in order to optimize this assistance and to accumulate data on the needs of the industry, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy has launched the platform

The Minister urged the farmers to take the survey as soon as possible and voice their needs in order to accelerate the provision of sowing season.