The logistics industry has become the most attractive to investors

At this point, the logistics industry is the most interesting for investors. These will not be a multibillion -dollar investment, but in this area we can count on considerable growth.

“Some of the Ukrainian enterprises have already built terminals, export hubs in Western Ukraine – small elevators, to which a narrow -gauge European iron road has been brought. Thanks to this, we have a guarantee of rapid return of investments. And it is also a very attractive solution for cereals.” – said Sergei Feofilov CEO of UkrAgroconsult during Agro & Food Security Forum.

Speaking about the evolution of logistics growth, the expert emphasizes that 100% of agricultural products were transported by the sea, but from March to June Ukraine switched to motor transport and railway. The restoration of individual seaports in August made it possible to increase total exports.

“However, other transport routes continue to play an important role. The experience we have gained over the last 7 months has prompted market operators to use alternative transport. The market just realized that it was possible to effectively export grain not only by the sea, but also by other ways on the markets available to Ukraine, ” Sergei Feofilov sums up.