The Ministry of Social Policy launches a platform eDopomoga for targeted and effective distribution of humanitarian aid

The Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine Maryna has created a platform called eDopomoga, which provides prompt collection of applications from all regions of Ukraine for humanitarian needs, as well as efficient and targeted distribution of aid.

The platform brings together the capabilities, resources and strengths of the state, business, NGOs, charitable foundations and volunteers to provide humanitarian assistance to war victims, internally displaced persons and people from vulnerable categories.

“The point is not to collect as much humanitarian aid as possible and distribute it equally among all regions, but to ensure that this assistance meets the urgent needs of specific people, is targeted and effective. The platform provides communication between those who are ready to help and those who need it. Through it, applications for various types of assistance are consolidated and processed. According to these applications, food, clothing, medicine and other necessary things will be provided by social workers, as well as through postal operators such as Ukrposhta and Nova Poshta, as well as through humanitarian aid points, ” Maryna Lazebna commented.

The Minister thanked all those who participated in the creation of the platform, engaged and is working in the collection of humanitarian aid, its dues and targeted delivery.

Do you want help or need help?

Go to the eDopomoga platform at

The said platform was created by the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine with the support of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and the United Nations Development Program in Ukraine.