The present of Ukrainian cities as a result of the invasion of the Russian army. Day 139

The enemy army struck at the Industrialny and Nemyshlyansky districts of Kharkiv. The number of victims is being specified.

The Russian occupiers are destroying the city’s infrastructure and residential buildings on a daily basis. The shelling of the city districts took place on July 12.

On the territory of the Industrialny and Nemyshlyansky districts, Russian troops were fired from multiple launch rocket systems. As a result of the impact, buildings were partially destroyed, cars were damaged, and fires broke out at private enterprises and industries.

Investigators opened criminal proceedings on the fact of artillery shelling by Russian troops of the village of Zolochiv.

Destroyed and partially destroyed about ten households of local residents. None of the citizens were hurt.

Today, July 12, at 4 am, the invader’s troops massively fired on Mykolaiv. As a result of enemy attacks, cars, multi-apartment and private residential buildings, premises of an educational institution, a shopping center, state enterprises, the territory of a medical institution and other structures were damaged.

There are casualties among the civilian population. Employees of the investigative and operational groups interrogate witnesses and victims, record the consequences of Russian aggression against the civilian population and help the victims. Criminologists conduct an inspection of the scenes of events, specialists of the explosive service neutralize explosive objects and collect fragments from shells.

Invaders shelled six settlements of Donetsk region in a day – police record the consequences of the strikes

The Russians inflicted eight blows on the civilian population, killing and wounding the inhabitants. They shot with artillery, tanks, rockets.

Photo materials are taken from the official information resources of the State Emergency Service and the National Police of Ukraine.