The Second Forum of Regions of Ukraine and Belarus has begun in Zhytomyr

Today, in the framework of the Second Forum of Regions of Ukraine and Belarus, the Eighth Meeting of the Ukrainian-Belarusian Consulting Council took place, which has proved to be an effective platform for exchange of views between chambers of commerce and industry and directly between Belarusian and Ukrainian entrepreneurs.

The plenary part of the forum under the authority of the presidents of two countries will start tomorrow. Delegations from 6 regions of Belarus, 22 regions of Ukraine and more than 300 business representatives from the Ukrainian and Belarusian sides are expected.

This day has also been distinguished by its productivity, as contracts worth over $500 million have been signed; among the signatories are Bank Credit Dnipro and “PA Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A. Makarov”. Dnipropetrovsk Farmers Association also signed a memorandum with the Belarusian company “Lidselmash” on the construction of an elevator.