The Ukrainian startup industry is valued at €23.3 billion has published a study of the startup industry in Central and Eastern Europe. A large part of it is dedicated to Ukraine. In particular, the authors counted 1,500 active startups in Ukraine and estimated their total value at €23.3 billion.

  • While the average size of investment in one company is decreasing worldwide, it is increasing in Central and Eastern Europe.
  • Over the past 5 years, Croatia, Lithuania and Ukraine have grown the fastest in this region. Since 2017, the startup industry in Ukraine has grown 9 times to €23.3 billion. Last year, the valuation of Ukrainian projects exceeded €27 billion.

  • Starting from 2021, 80 unicorns appeared in the CEE.
  • Ukraine leads the list of European countries where the start-up industry created the most jobs per one million euros of investment.

  • Among the countries that have attracted the most venture capital since the beginning of 2022, Ukraine ranks sixth with an indicator of €246 million. Only Poland, Croatia, the Czech Republic and Estonia are ahead.

  • In Ukraine, there are more than 1,500 active startups, hundreds of service providers and software development studios.
  • Another 600 startups were founded by Ukrainians abroad. More than 500 global startups have to open vacancies in Ukraine.