On August 14, 2019, initiated by Troitska UTC and with the participation of specialists of the Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency (DIA), as well as the Co-op Academy, a seminar on the formation of investment resources of the community was held.

During the seminar the director of DIA Valentyna Zatyshnyak emphasized that Troitska UTC ranks first in Ukraine in terms of financial indicators, income per capita is 25000 UAH. Existence of mainly agro-industrial complexes on the territory determines the agricultural orientation of the economy of the territories and the intention of the community to develop the agricultural processing sector and cooperative movement, which is reflected in the Strategy of its development.

The French company Agro KMR has been successfully operating on this territory for 13 years. During this time, the investor company has implemented the latest technologies and production culture, providing workplaces for residents and participating in corporate social responsibility projects.

The issues of the development of UTC generated a lively discussion among the participants which allowed them to take a different look at the existing benefits and resources of the community and their possible use. For example, the retail and service sectors, according to the residents, have stepping-up potential, because, nowad, they can only be obtained outside the territory. DIA experts presented information resources and tools that the community can already use to promote business initiatives and attract outward investments.

At the time of the meeting it was noted thе necessity of promotion of the UTC proposals (land plots, buildings, preferences).

Coach of the Cooperative Academy, Zakhar Kanevskyi, told about the testimonials of the corporate movement on the territory of Dnipropetrovsk region. Taking into account the significant interest of Troitska UTC in the cooperate movement, state programs and grants, which are directly related to support agriculture, SMEs, it was suggested to join a foreign project with the assistance of the Government of Canada.