Two-thirds of business leaders expect their company to grow in the next three years

This is evidenced by the results of the study “View of business managers in Ukraine 2022”

Almost two-thirds of heads of Ukrainian enterprises are optimistic about the development of their company and industry in the next three years, according to the data of the KPMG company study “View of business leaders in Ukraine 2022”.

“Amid the continued uncertainty and new challenges caused by the war in Ukraine, more than half of Ukrainian business leaders remain optimistic — 65% say they are confident in the growth of their companies and industries over the next three years,” the study says.

At the same time, regarding the further development of Ukraine, the estimates are somewhat more restrained – only 44% of respondents expect the country to grow in the next three years.

81% of managers expect a recession in Ukraine in the next 12 months. At the same time, 65% of respondents are confident in the longevity of the crisis. Therefore, 51% of company managers took it into account in their plans.

Among the biggest threats to business, surveyed entrepreneurs named geopolitical uncertainty and related operational and regulatory risks. In addition, there are fears of facing a shortage of skilled talent.

It is noted that the survey was conducted during July – October 2022, 43 managers of leading Ukrainian companies in various sectors of the economy took part in it.