Ukraine diversified the barley export market

According to APK-Inform estimations, in July-April of 2019/20 MY Ukraine significantly increased the exports of barley, which volumes already reached 4.6 mln tonnes, and exceeded the figures in the same period last season by 37%, and the season-2017/18 — up 28%. At the same time, APK-Inform analysts noted some diversification of the Ukrainian grain exports.

Traditionally, for ten months of the current season Saudi Arabia became the main country-importer of the Ukrainian grain, and purchased nearly 1.3 mln tonnes of the grain, down 43% compared with the same period of 2018/19 MY (2.2 mln tonnes).

For the third running season, China took the second position in the rating, and already purchased 798.5 thous. tonnes of the grain, up 2.5 times compared with July-April last season (321.9 thous. tonnes), and up 1% compared with the same period of the season-2017/18.

Spain took the third position, and purchased 372.8 thous. tonnes of Ukrainian barley, up 2.3 times compared with the export volumes in July-April of 2017/18 MY (in the season-2018/19, Spain did not purchase the grain).

«Also, it should be noted that despite the significant increasing of Ukrainian barley exports in the current season, for the first ten months of the season the share of the TOP-3 of main countries-importers covered 53% of the general shipped volumes, while for the same period last season only Saudi Arabia and China purchased 76% of the whole grain shipments. Thus, the export market of Ukrainian barley is becoming more diversified», said the analyst of APK-Inform Agency, Viktoria Rozhko.

Source: APK Inform-Agency

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