Ukraine has risen to the TOP 3 suppliers of agricultural products to the EU before the war

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In January 2022 Ukraine ranked third among countries-importers of agricultural products in the European Union, although at the end of the last year it was one rank lower.

Thus, the volume of supplies of Ukrainian agro-industrial products to the EU in January amounted to €1.04 billion, which is 88% more than it was in the same period last year. The USA (€1.139 billion) and Brazil (€1.136 billion) were ahead.

In 2021, Ukraine ranked fourth in terms of agro-products supply to the EU with €6.9 billion (+18.1%). Brazil (€13.5 billion), the UK (€11.8 billion) and the United States (€9.3 billion) were in the TOP 3.

At the same time, Ukraine fell in the ranking of importers of agricultural products from the EU countries from 13th to 14th place. Thus, in January, agricultural products from Europe were imported for €255 million (+25% compared to the same period last year), and by the end of 2021 – for €3.1 billion (+9.4%).