Ukraine is able to cover the grain needs of the EU even in war conditions

Ukraine is able to ensure the supply of grain crops to the European Union, which countries are suffering from drought.

Taras Vysotskyi, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, said this in an interview with

He noted that, according to preliminary estimates, Ukraine can harvest approximately 67 million tons of grain and oil crops this year — 52 and 15 million tons, respectively.

“Ukraine needs 18 million tons of grain and 2 million tons of oil for domestic consumption. That is, we need 20 million tons, and we can export the rest, which is about 47 million tons of new harvest. Therefore, we can close the needs of the EU,” he says.

Vysotsky recalled that before the war, the distribution of Ukraine’s grain exports was as follows: 35% went to the European Union, 40% to Southeast Asia, particularly China and India, and 25% to the Middle East and North Africa.

“After the restoration of logistics, this distribution will be the same, because these regions are the consumers of our products,” he predicts.