Ukraine launched “War and Sanctions” portal to impose sanctions on the largest number of collaborators in Russia’s war against Ukraine

The portal “War and sanctions” has launched, allowing you to review the list of people who have already been sanctioned since the beginning of Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine, as well as review the candidates for inclusion in the sanctions lists.

The portal is available in three languages (Ukrainian, English, and Russian) at the following link. 

The main purpose of the portal is to inform foreign governments and citizens about the sanctions, to engage the public in a global campaign to expand the sanctions lists against those who support the war, including financially and informationally. This will ensure maximum economic pressure on the co-organizers of the war and bring the victory of Ukraine closer.

Thanks to the site, everyone can appeal for the imposition of sanctions on individuals who deserve it. In order to do so, select any person from the list at the link and click on the social network logo of your choice.

Now more than ever, your repost or appeal can impact the global community.

What information is available on the site?

As of today, data is available on the site about:

  • individuals who have been sanctioned after 2/22/2022 due to the start of full-scale Russian aggression;
  • persons who have been proposed for sanctions.

Also thanks to the portal it is possible to check which countries have not yet imposed sanctions on a particular person, despite the fact that he or she is already under sanctions in other jurisdictions. This will help rather motivate countries to tighten sanctions.

The following information will also appear on the portal in the near future:

  • legal entities that have been sanctioned;
  • information about all persons sanctioned because of the Russian Federation’s war against Ukraine since 2014;
  • data on the assets of persons involved in Russia’s military anger.

On the site you can go to the Asset Blame Portal and report the assets of persons involved in the Russian war against Ukraine. This will help to freeze and remove such assets for the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The portal was created by the The National Agency on Corruption Prevention and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine.