Ukraine ranks 34th in Greenfield FDI Performance Index

Ukraine ranks 34th in the Greenfield FDI Performance Index. In 2021 Ukraine scored 2.24. This suggests that, given the size of its economy, the country attracts 2.24 times more projects than the size of its GDP would suggest. FDI inflows in 2021 amounted to 6.7 bln USD, that is higher than pre-pandemic results – 6 bln USD in 2019.

The pandemic redrew the map of the world’s best FDI outperformers relative to the size of their global gross domestic product (GDP). 

Of the 84 countries recording more than 10 FDI projects in 2021 and thus being considered for the 2021 index, 68 have an index score greater than 1.0, indicating a larger share of investment projects relative to its share of GDP. The remaining 16 have a score less than 1.0, indicating a smaller share of projects relative to GDP. 

In the seventh edition of the Greenfield FDI Performance Index, Costa Rica entrenched its global leadership as the country that attracts the most foreign direct investment (FDI) relative to the size of its economy. Costa Rica’s 2021 score stands at 15.5. The UAE and North Macedonia also showed their strength, coming in second and third respectively. Top 10 Greenfield FDI Performance Index also includes Singapore, Lithuania, Malta, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Estonia.

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