Ukraine suspends export of some products – government decision

The Cabinet of Ministers has amended the volume of quotas of products, the export of which is liable to licensing, by nullifying the quotas for the sale abroad of a number of food products.

 This is stated in the government decree № 207 of March 5.

In particular, quotas on the export of live animals, frozen cattle, meat and meat by-products, rye, oats, buckwheat, millet, sugar and salt were reduced to zero.

In addition, the Cabinet of Ministers added wheat, a mixture of wheat and rye, corn, chicken meat, eggs, sunflower oil to the list of goods, export of which is liable to licensing.

As reported, the Cabinet of Ministers on February 28 significantly expanded the list of critical imports: It was added by military goods, meat and edible offal, milk and dairy products, vegetables, nuts, coffee, tea and others.

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