Competition for labor power affects the region’s investment image

On March 27, 2019, the business meeting was held between Valentyna Zatyshniak, Director of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency (DIA), representatives of Dnipropetrovsk Regional  Organization of Employers of the Food and Processing Industry ” Dniprokharchprom”, Educational and Methodological Center for Professional-Technical Education in Dnipropetrovsk Region and Regional Coordinator of the GIZ Project*.

Labor is a competitive advantage that attracts investors. While analyzing the prospects for production development in the region the investor pays attention not only to skilled labor availability, but also to demographic situation. Labor migration continues to be one of the brightest trends of 2019. Companies work to maintain staff, invest in the image of an attractive employer, seek and implement new ways of non-material motivation, train and develop staff, and also work actively with the student audience.

In the region, more than 130 main enterprises (excluding auxiliary and small enterprises) are engaged in food production and processing of agricultural products, which employ about 30 thousand people. In Ukraine our region ranks 4th in terms of agricultural production per person (11.7%).

Employers in the food and processing industries notice the specialists’ shortage in the following areas: milk, meat and bakery products. The causes of labor market imbalances are in professional-technical education system, which is divorced from the real needs of employers. Employers are forced to teach beginners because many of the necessary working specialties in the educational institutions list do not exist at all.

During the meeting, areas of cooperation for the training of qualified personnel in vocational-technical schools with the possibilities of using the dual training system were discussed. The establishment of cooperation with enterprises to unite efforts in the formation and improvement of the personnel policy of the region were also considered.

Initiatives for a joint project of employers and GIZ “Professional Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine” will include the modernization of professional-technical education, retraining opportunities, adult education, and others. This issue is very complicated, complex and requires further joint work.

For the information: The GIZ project “Professional Integration of Internally Displaced Persons in Ukraine” is being implemented by the German federal company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH with the assistance of the German government in cooperation with the Ministry of Temporarily Occupied Territories and IDPs of Ukraine.