Creating a database of investment projects in the field of renewable energy

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency has acceded to the initiative of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving of Ukraine for the materials’ preparation to create an information database of investment projects in the field of alternative energy, which can be presented to potential investors, among other things during the relevant international events. It will be formed a regional database of investment projects according to the results of the selection. Therefore in case you are interested, please, prepare and submit materials for promising investment projects in the field, mentioned above. The deadline period to submit documents up to 13 May 2016.

The following should be considered during the determination of investment projects:

  • Relating to a business entity, which aim is to realize the investment project (enterprise private and public sector which has experience in the market for at least 5 years or the guarantee of such entity relating to the newly established enterprise; proprietary investments of an enterprise is not less than 20-30% of the project’s cost; the proportionality of the risks’ distribution in framework of the project implementation);
  • Relating to the investment project (availability of project’s business plan; project is being implemented in the field of renewable energy)

Materials need to be provided in print and online to e-mail: in summary form in Ukrainian and English (preferably) languages. It should be in forms, which you can download at the following links:

In Ukrainian:

In English: