Dnipro Economic Forum DEF’2020

On March 19-20, the Dnipro Economic Forum DEF’2020 «Space & IT days in Dnipro» will be held in Dnipro.

The DEF main goal is to create a space of opportunities for investment and development of the Dnipropetrovsk region and Ukraine.

The Menorah cultural and business center will bring together representatives of the Ukrainian government, influential businessmen and authoritative economic experts.

DEF’2020 is

  • 700 entrepreneurs interested in developing their own business
  • participants from 20 countries
  • international space and IT companies
  • 2 days of speeches, discussions, excursions
  • case studies of successful companies
  • communication of authorities and business
  • experience exchange

The forum key topic is Ukraine as a space and IT state. Two intense days will combine thematic discussions on the space industry prospects and the IT companies’ role in shaping the image of Ukraine in the international arena.

You can find forum schedule by the following link.

The DEF mission is to communicate with external and internal investors, comprehensively approach issues of national and regional development, focusing on the Euro-Atlantic course of Ukraine. The main desire is not only to build an effective dialogue between business, state and international partners, but also to help entrepreneurs in Ukraine and Dnipropetrovsk region find the necessary knowledge, technologies, best business practices, innovations in management and marketing.

In order to participate in the International Economic Forum, you need to fill out the registration form.

You can find more detailed information on the official website and on the Forum page on Facebook.