Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency (DIA) joined the International Conference “The Place of Ukraine in the World: Municipal Marketing and Branding”

On March 12, 2019 Valentyna Zatyshniak, Director of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency (DIA), took part in the International Conference “Place of Ukraine in the World: Municipal Marketing and Branding”, which was held as part of the PROMIS project “Partnership for Urban Development”.

The event brought together representatives of central and regional authorities, local and regional development organizations, as well as experienced international and Ukrainian experts and practitioners.

The discussion in plenary meetings and open discussions covered the following topics:

  • Place of Ukraine in the world: national branding and marketing initiatives;
  • Modern theory and practice of municipal marketing and international experience in territorial branding;
  • Ukrainian cities in the world: municipal branding and marketing initiatives;
  • Rebranding: challenges and how to move forward to rebranding / reprofiling of Ukraine;
  • Canadian experience and best practices in municipal marketing and branding.

The relevance of the conference is due to the fact that today Ukraine is much more actively working to create a positive image, as an investment-attractive democratic state in which European values reign, and which has a huge economic and tourist potential and skilled labor in various fields.

The importance of branding and territory marketing during global competition, when regions and cities compete with other regions and cities for inhabitants, resources and investments, was defined.

To be competitive in the global market, it is not enough just to be an investment-attractive region with a high quality of life, rich history and culture. The region needs to be able to show itself, advertise, interest, attract. It should speak about its preferences and achievements, and its voice should be heard beyond state borders. You need marketing and branding of regions and cities for do this, for attract the attention of potential investors and tourists, which as a result will lead to the effective development of the local economy.