Dnipropetrovsk region will built the energy complex for the production heat and electricity power

On May 11, 2016 Oleksandr Fedianovych, Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency Alexander Fedyanovich met with Volodymyr Hunko, the Deputy Director of “Agro-industrial group of companies “Dniprovska” on the issue of supporting the investment project of construction of the energy complex for the production  of heat (86 thous. Gcal) and power energy (48 mln. kW/hour) by recycling bio-waste production. The investment project is being implemented by a structural unit of before-mentioned agro-industrial Group Company “Dniproenergo resource”. The aim of the construction of such a complex is energy saving and cost minimization for natural gas, the price of which tends to increase.

During the meeting the participants have made alterations to the memorandum of cooperation, discussed the problematic issues of investment project implementation, licensing procedures passing, particularly obtaining import permit from the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine for the unique equipment that has no analogues in Ukraine.

The estimated cost of the project is about UAH 250 mln and 100% of costs will be covered at the investor’s expense. Thermal Power Station is scheduled to put into operation in 2016 and it is planning to create 22 new jobs. The first phase of the investment costs will be about UAH 133 mln.

The implementation of the investment project by “Agro-industrial group of companies “Dniprovska” will provide an opportunity for:

  • environmental improvement;
  • utilization of 60 thous. tons of waste per year, which are the potential source of pollutant emissions, runoffs and bacteria;
  • creation of 50 new jobs;
  • substitution of natural gas by alternative energy sources;
  • component decrease of product prime cost.


For information:

“Agro-industrial group of companies “Dniprovska” (Nikopol) is one of the largest Ukrainian agricultural producers of broiler meat and its derived products. Nikopol poultry complex has about 30 year history. During this time the enterprise has passed a series of changes and reforms. The way of improvement of the company and its management structure, the aggressive policy of the materialization of technological progress and modern technology have led the former Nikopol broiler factory to the level of one of the largest Ukrainian producers of poultry meat. Over the last three years production of “Poultry Processing Plant “Dniprovska” steadily confident accounts about 7% of market share. The company keeps effectively developing by investing of the realized profits into the production capacity. The vertically integrated structure allows management to monitor and control the quality of products. Since 2012, the company implements projects on alternative types of energy. It was built and put into operation two water boilers on straw on the basis of broiler breeding units. It has been saved 4300 m3 of natural gas in a few years of operation. Over the past five years, the production of meat in live weight has been increased from 24,069 tons to 62,754 tons per year.