Energy efficiency. Experience of Dnipropetrovsk Region

Eco concept - light bulb grow in the grass

One of the priority areas of Dnipropetrovsk region development is energy efficiency. According to the monitoring of social and economic development of regions prepared by the Ministry of Regional Development, Dnipropetrovsk region is the leader in the level of implementation of energy-saving lighting sources in settlements external lighting by the end of 2016.

In 2017, Dnipropetrovsk region continues this positive trend. The law on energy service companies (ESCOs) is successfully implementing. This is one of the requirements of the EU Directive No. 2012/27/ EU on energy efficiency. The government hires ESCO to insulate municipal buildings, replace lamps, windows and doors with energy-saving ones. After reconstruction, these buildings should use less energy and therefore pay less. The saved money will be received by energy service companies – this will be a payment for their work.

Two hospitals in the city of Dnipro № 4 and № 9 are an example of how the implementation of the law on energy service companies can lead to a positive result. So they have already built modern boiler-houses on alternative fuel that have been working since the beginning of the heating season and have heated not only medical institutions, but also surrounding houses.

For the inhabitants of rural areas, kindergartens of European design are being built. Each garden is equipped with solar panels and an autonomous boiler house with alternative fuels. Each preschool institution has its own individual design, energy-saving windows, insulated walls and roofs. In total, four kindergartens are being built in Pidhorodnie, Obukhivka, Illarionove and Kamianske.

Dnipropetrovsk region is also the leader of Ukraine in terms of the number of “warm” loans issued by the association of co-owners of multi-apartment buildings. Today, they have already received 80 loans for UAH 5.6 million.

In general, the public is gradually but surely moving towards energy efficiency, taking the best European practices into service. But we must remember that success of any business depends on everyone personally.