It is scheduled to meet with Horizon Capital Investment Fund

In early February 2019 (the exact date and time will be announced later) on the initiative of the Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency (DIA) and with the support of UkraineInvest, a meeting with representatives of the Horizon Capital Investment Fund will be held in the city of Dnipro.

The fund has been operating in Ukraine since 1995, invested in 40+ companies (e-commerce Rozetka, food industry – Yarich, Shostka and Vitmark, etc.) and manages assets of $ 800+ mln.

The main goal of Horizon Capital is to acquire a significant minority stake in the company and provide additional capital for development.

Companies that meet the following criteria are invited to participate:

  • revenue from $ 5 million;
  • the company is the market leader;
  • private companies, non-public companies.

At the same time, please note that the Fund:

  • DOES NOT provide debt financing;
  • DOES NOT invest from scratch (in startups, ideas, projects, companies are not yet profitable);
  • DOES NOT redeem 100% of existing shareholders (only a minority fate);
  • DOES NOT finance problem companies;
  • DOES NOT assume operational management of the company (management continues to manage the company).

The Fund also DOES NOT invest in companies:

  • which have too much debt load;
  • in bankruptcy or in those that have problems with the law (this position does not change from the attractiveness of the company’s value)
  • with state and public ownership;
  • where a shareholder / shareholders want to fully sell their company.

If you are interested in participating in a meeting with Horizon Capital investment fund and your company meets the above criteria, please send to e-mail confirmation of participation and information about the company that you submit before January 25, 2019.

For information.

Horizon Capital is a management company that invests in companies with a medium level of capitalization, high growth potential and profitability in Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova.

Horizon Capital has good conditions for obtaining high returns on investments in the region due to the achievements of its team, long investment experience, impeccable reputation, a disciplined approach to investments and a wide network of contacts. Horizon Capital is an active company that manages investment funds and creates additional value, and also pays special attention to introducing advanced business practices, uncovering unrealized profitability potential, finding key managers and raising additional capital to finance economic growth.

Today, Horizon Capital manages three funds: Emerging Europe Growth Fund II, LP (EEGF II), Emerging Europe Growth Fund, LP (EEGF) and Western NIS Enterprise Fund (WNISEF).