KSG Agro will build a plant for the production of energy pellets without drying

KSG Agro Company has begun construction of the plant for the production of energy pellets in Kryvyi Rih district. The plant will be built according to the project of Polish company. The company which will develop the construction project is Polish Energy Partners.

It is reported that KSG Agro Company has found the plant in Poland, which technology allows producing pellets without drying. The Company has made a license agreement with the Polish plant and bought the technology with the full package of construction documents. The design capacity of the future enterprise will be 60-90 thous. tons per year.

“For today, we have purchased the equipment and the operational readiness of production building is 70%. However, due to the unstable situation in the country and the difficult situation in the agricultural sector the project implementation has been freezed. But we do not lose optimism and now we are looking for an investor for the equipment installation and plant launching – Serhii Kasianov, Chairman of the Directors Board of KSG Agro said.

According to Serhii Kasianov, the replacement of traditional fuels with alternative biological is one of the most important national priorities. After all, it reduces energy dependence of Ukraine from Russia. The usage of renewable energy is also in line with the EU policy for increasing its share in the consumption structure.

“Personally, I said a firm “no” to Russian gas 4 years ago at the design stage of our pig-breeding farm. Initially, we have envisaged the usage of the pellets instead of gas for heating pig-breeding farm. It was then, when we have started with our own production of fuel pellets. At our facilities we produce 500-600 tons of pellets per month, 200 tons of which we use ourselves,”- Serhii Kasianov said.

It is mentioned that KSG Agro conversion to alternative heating system allowed Agroholding completely refuse gas consumption. It is about 7 mln m3 per year for the first stage of the complex.

The usage of this type of fuel reduces costs by three times compared to gas even though all companies, which are included into agricultural holding structure, buy pellets at market price.

“The holding’s economy accounts millions of hryvnas per year through the usage of pellets and the complete rejection of gas. Currently, the plant uses crop remains and straw crops such as barley and wheat, the remains of oil-plants, such as rape, and stems of industrial crops as a raw material. At the same time we think about the environment, because the production of energy pellets must not damage the land fertility”- Serhii Kasianov said.

In the company it is used biomass energy crops, which are grown on special plantations of energy crops, as an additional raw material in the manufacturing of fuel pellets.


Based on materials from the National agricultural portal Latifundist.com