Lithuanian company set up a solar power plant using new technologies in Dnipropetrovsk region

In August 2019, near the city of Vilnogirsk in Dnipropetrovsk region, Global BOD Group (Lithuania) implemented about $ 4 mln investment project. Within the framework of the project, the solar power plant (SPP) “Soniachnyi Vilnohirsk” was constructed with the capacity of 2 MW, using innovative technology of two-sided solar panels and a solar tracking system. The new technology allows to generate electricity more on 40% than a conventional solar power plant of the same scale.

Vilnohirsk SPP is the first of its kind in Europe, operating as a working model and a clear example for the new generation of solar projects throughout the European Union.

Financing of the investment project was carried out by “Ukrgasbank” loan programs.

Earlier it was reported that the Lithuanian company Global BOD Group is considering the possibility of investing in a solar panel manufacturing company in Ukraine.

Based on Ukrinform materials