Priority areas for funding under international grants and programs in 2019

Recent years in Ukraine become widespread involvement of external financial support for investment projects by small and medium enterprises (SMEs). Dnipropetrovsk Investment Agency (DIA) specialists analyzed the actual proposals from international donors as of 2019, and highlighted current funding areas and links to international organizations that allocate funds to SMEs:

  • Promote women’s entrepreneurship. The program of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) aims to help SMEs led by women in all economy sectors (in which woman is responsible for overall activities management and can also partially or fully own the business) by facilitating access to funding and providing advices. More information on the link.
  • Overcoming challenges for SMEs. The program is aimed to overcome the following challenges for SMEs: low investment; small sales volumes (in the domestic and foreign markets); limited markets and customer base. The program is funded through the USAID Grant Program: SME Competitiveness. More information on the link.
  • Improving Ukrainian SMEs competitiveness. EU4BUSINESS program: business support centers network in Ukraine is focused on SMEs in specific economy sectors: agribusiness, tourism, innovation, information and communication technologies, logistics, consumer goods and green economy. Details on the link.