Results of the roundtable discussion “Development drivers of іndustrial regions of Ukraine in the context of sustainable development goals ensuring”

On December 3, 2019, the roundtable discussion “Development drivers of іndustrial regions of Ukraine in the context of sustainable development goals ensuring” was held.

Yaroslav Zhalilo, Deputy Director of the National Institute for Strategic Studies (NISS), focused on the problems of industrial development of the country and the industrial sector. “The success and effectiveness of industrial policy measures are crucial for regional and local development. The level of employment depends on the dynamics of the region’s economic development, and the effectiveness of the industrial policy in increasing the number of jobs in high value-added sectors creates the basis for the growth of workers’ incomes. The development of industry based on energy efficiency and environmental friendliness improves the quality of the living environment of the communities in the region. There should be a synergy of analysis and solutions.

At determining strategic priorities and local development tools, it is advisable to apply an integrated approach and formation of industrial policy at the state level, with the involvement of interested industrial producers and companies, relevant research centers, IT flagships to create smart specialization in development planning and formation of multilateral partnerships for project implementation. As for smart specialization, its components are:

  • selectivity;
  • cross-sectorality and inclusivity (interaction between science, business, government and the public);
  • focus on innovation.

Alim Molodan, Deputy Director of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency (DIA), said: “Industry is a key driver of economic development and is a major consumer in the engineering, finance, IT sector. Each EU country has a Ministry of Industry in its government, provides its strategic development taking into account the specifics of each country. Considering the peculiarity of Dnіpropetrovsk region, it should be noted that the structure of the region’s economy has formed an industrial character. Mainly investments should be directed on maintenance of the internal market,, and special attention should be paid to the creation of new industries and existing large enterprises, as they form the main consumption market. The region should improve the mechanisms that are necessary for industries development and to localize production in the region “.

During the lively discussion, the participants of the event reached the following conclusions:

  • It is necessary to create a favorable environment for industry;
  • There should be a national solution for macroeconomic incentives;
  • The local mentality is also a driver of the region’s development;
  • Encourage the use of domestic potential for further development;
  • perceive the existing problems as an engine for further positive solutions;
  • To teach communities to use their own resources and potential in a decentralized environment;
  • Capitalize on local resources.

Priority directions of the region’s development are:

  • engineering;
  • processing industry;
  • production of medical equipment;
  • services