The seminar „Support for small and medium-sized businesses through the creation of attractive investment conditions and new markets” was held in the Petrykivka District Council

On October 17, 2016 with the support of the Petrykivka District Council on the initiative of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency in cooperation with the NGO „Spozhyvach”, which is the coordinator of the European program to support small and medium business COSME, the seminar “Support for small and medium-sized businesses through the creation of investment attractive conditions and new markets.” was held.

The representatives of Dnipropetrovsk Regional Investment Agency prepared and delivered a presentation „Four steps for community towards the creation of attractive investment areas”. The presentation presents the key steps through which the community can attract investment in most priority areas. There has been determined to a key step in attracting investment in the community, first of all it is the search for local investors, formation of own investment areas and their active promotion. Another important step for the communities in attracting investment is international promotion of Petrykivka district recognizable brands, such as Petrykivka painting and ethno-tourism.

The public organization „Spozhyvach” presented „European Enterprise Network (EEN)” project, which aim is finding business partners abroad and business project „Kramnytsia „A”, which main aim is creation a platform for cooperation and communication for Ukrainian business environment.

According to Natalia Kovalenko, Chairman of the Petrykivka District Council, development of territories, in a decentralized environment is a priority for the community itself. Through the provision of favorable conditions for their own businesses, the creation of attractive investment areas and the skillful use of available resources, the community will be able to not only increase revenues to local budgets, but also to create new jobs and develop their own infrastructure.

For information:

COSME is the EU program for the Competitivness of Enterprises and small and Mediun-sized with a total budget of EUR 2.3 bln. COSME program supports projects on various subjects, as well as contribute to the promotion of new opportunities within the deep and comprehensive free trade area, both for Ukrainian and European companies.

European Enterprise Network (EEN) is the largest information and consultancy network in Europe. The aim of the network is to help business to make the most of European marketplace. EEN is a focal point network consisting of 600 organizations – chambers of commerce, regional development agencies, university technology centers, where about 4000 professionals are working in over 50 countries worldwide.