After the war, the demand for alternative methods of storing grain will increase

Immediately after the end of the war, elevator companies will not invest in the construction and reconstruction of elevators. Instead, grain growers will actively use alternative methods of storing products.

This was announced by the head of the central office of the Department of Agrarian Affairs “Epicenter Agro” Svitlana Nikityuk during the conference “Strategy for the development of grain storage in the war and postwar period,” writes “Ukragroconsult”.

“Everyone understands that after the war, the ports will not resume work immediately. The period of economic rehabilitation will last for some time, so in the first year the companies will find and adhere to alternative grain storage options – silobegi, mobile warehouses. Therefore, first we will have a decline in the construction of elevators and their reconstruction, “said Svitlana Nikityuk.

The manager added that after the prices for metal and other components are adjusted, the market will recover rapidly. The manager assumes that these investments will pay off longer, but will be stable and reliable.