Ukraine is planned to become the center of Internet traffic between Europe and Asia

Ukraine is located between Europe and Asia, which makes our country a convenient center for Internet traffic. Today, connecting with Asia and the Middle East is one of the priorities for tech companies. After all, half of the world’s Internet users are concentrated there. That is why the Ministry of Digital Transformation is working to make Ukraine an important part of the intercontinental exchange of Internet traffic.

One of our priorities is for top tech giants like Amazon and Meta to open offices in Ukraine. For this, we have been creating all the conditions for their development for over three years.

The ability to use a secure Internet network for communication between company offices in different countries is one of the important conditions that influence the decision to open. After all, it allows you to safely and quickly exchange a large amount of data.

In order to make the Ukrainian Internet infrastructure attractive to tech giants, the Ministry of Digital Transformation creates conditions for the opening of global data centers. And also attracts European projects to support our telecom companies. In particular, the international organization CEF is already conducting training for Ukrainian operators.

In addition, there are plans to build an undersea cable across the Black Sea, open new data centers and strengthen the existing network in cooperation with Vodafone Group.

At the same time, we monitor global Internet trends in order to respond to them and adapt to our market.

What are the latest global Internet trends:

  • Connections with Asia and the Middle East are the most attractive for technology companies. More than 2.5 billion Internet users are concentrated there, which is half of the entire world. Over the past 3 years, traffic consumption has grown most dynamically between these regions and Europe: 33 Tbps with Asia, 48 Tbps with the Middle East. This means that they actively use the Internet there.
  • People spend twice as much time on the Internet. Over the past 2 years, Internet traffic consumption has grown from 150 to 350 Tbit/s. Due to the pandemic, user habits and behavior have changed, and businesses that only operated offline were able to adapt to the online format. Therefore, even non-technological companies need high-quality and fast Internet. This is facilitated by the rapid development of technologies in the telecom sector.
  • Cloud services are becoming more and more necessary. Since 2013, 15 global data centers have been built annually. They are needed to meet the needs of international IT companies in cloud services. Small and medium-sized companies are also choosing the cloud in combination with traditional servers.
  • Data exchange speed requirements are growing. In order for files to be stored and transferred in microseconds, you need to increase the capacity of Internet traffic channels. In particular, over the past 3 years, the capacity of international Internet traffic has more than doubled to 800 Tbit/s.
  • The capacity of global Internet traffic exchange points is increasing. Such an infrastructure allows rapid exchange of data between independent Internet networks. On average, 20 new points are built every year. America, Central Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa are leading by number.