Dnipropetrovsk is waiting for the e-democracy development

The topicality of creation of e-democracy development tool in Ukraine was discussed at the round-table discussion, which was held in SPACE HUB. It was first official event of EGAP program in Dnipropetrovsk.

The non-government organizations, activists and cities citizens were invited to the dialogue about government openness and e-democracy development. Among the key issues is the development of open data in Ukraine, creation of e-democracy development tool, possibility to effect on changes by efforts of cities citizens, tasks and plans of EGAP Dnipro project.

“The essence of e-democracy has many of the constituent elements. This is a great mechanism, which combines the power, citizens, business and new technologies in a single, clear and transparent information field. It’s not just the interaction tool, it is a tool of society changes and the level of life in general,”- Yordanka Tomkova, Expert, Swiss Cooperation Office “E-Governance for government accountability and civil participation” (EGAP) said.

According to Victor Liakh, the president of Eastern Europe Foundation, e-democracy is a certain reorganization of standards in social interaction, and above all things it should be people’s initiative, which will be fully supported by EGAP Project and authorities. “We have always supported these initiatives and will continue to work on e-democracy in Ukraine. Now we are actively working in four regions and focus on the real tools that will create a team on the Hackathon in Dnipropetrovsk, Odessa, Volyn and Vinnitsa,”- he underlined.

“The EGAP Dnipro project is primarily built on a large-scale analytical study of existing tools of interaction and real needs of the citizens. In the coming time there will be a series of lectures, workshops and meetings to familiarize all stakeholders with the e-democracy theme. After summarizing the results of the study, the results will be published and specific tasks for Hackathon will be formed. in the Hackathon the team of IT professionals will develop tools that will be able to solve certain problems of interaction and accountability of the authorities, disclose the potential of open data government registries, provide the necessary information to citizens, etc.  Therefore, we call on citizens, activists, representatives of public organizations and businesses do not stand on the sidelines and tale part in the research process on our website www.facebook.com/EGAP.Dnipro », – Vyacheslav Maiakin, coordinator of EGAP program in Dnipropetrovsk spoke about the project plans.

For information:

EGAP is a new joint program of the State Agency of Ukraine for the electronic management and the Swiss Cooperation Office, funded by the Swiss Confederation. EGAP program which will be implemented during the 2015-2019 years will be aimed at the use of advanced information and communication technologies that will help to improve the quality of management, upgrade the interaction between government and citizens and provide assistance to social innovations in Ukraine. Dnipropetrovsk region is the target regions of the program according to the results of preliminary selection among other regions.

EGAP Dnipro project is implemented in cooperation with SPACE HUB innovation center, FeelGoodLabs business accelerator and InnovationBOX regional business incubator.

Project web-site http://egap.space-hub.com/