India: analytics, forecasts, prospects, useful contacts and exhibitions in 2019

In the framework of Ukraine’s export strategy India is one of the priority countries for export and it was named a promising market by 19% of respondents in a recent exporters’ survey.

It is expected that the dynamic growth of the Indian economy in the medium-term perspective will be quite stable, thanks to continuing increase in consumption, significant government spending on infrastructure projects, and by 2030 India will surpass China and become the country with the largest population in the world.

The Export Promotion Office of Ukraine prepared an Indian market overview, which includes:

  • macroeconomic statistics,
  • forecasts and prospects,
  • trade statistics,
  • information on prioritized product for export to India,
  • consumer analysis and household consumption forecasts,
  • useful contacts and exhibitions in 2019.

The Indian market overview can be found at this link.