Top 10 the most transparent Ukrainian cities before the war

Transparency International Ukraine has released the results of its transparency and accountability ratings. The ratings show how successful local governments were before the full-scale invasion.

They made important decisions about data publication, budgets, e-democracy, development strategies, and regulatory policies. The effort resulted in an unprecedented level of openness over five years of research.

This is the first time in the study that five cities have crossed the 80-point mark and have been categorized as “transparent.”

So, which cities are on the top of the Transparency Ranking 2021?

  • Mariupol – 91 points
  • Lviv – 85.5 points
  • Dnipro – 84.2 points
  • Drohobych – 83.2 points
  • Mukachevo – 81.3 points
  • Ternopil – 79.6 points
  • Vinnytsia – 78.9 points
  • Pokrov – 78.6 points
  • Kamianske – 78 points
  • Khmelnytskyi – 76.2 points

Read more about the Transparency and Accountability Rankings of the cities 2021 – in the research

Transparency and accountability are not just things that help cities to develop in peacetime. They are the factors that help cities to manage crises more effectively. It is the rapid development of local government that allows us to successfully fight back against the enemy today.

Now Russia is destroying our blooming cities. Today dozens of cities all over Ukraine are being turned into ruins. Of course, transparency and accountability are now taking second place, as the first priority is protecting residents, helping the military and medics, and protecting critical infrastructure.

However, it is worth emphasizing how progressive, exemplary and pro-European our Ukrainian cities were, are and will be!